Product development with Avant 700 series has been strongly focused in to lifting capacity. Larger outside dimensions naturally give better balance to the lifting weight. The lifting capacity with the 700 series is even 1600 kg and the maximal breakout force is even 35% better than in the 600 series. This is how the larger dimensions are fully utilized.

The new AVANT 760i model is equipped with the most modern driving technique allowing the loader to reach speeds up to 30 km/h. The AVANT 760i is able to achieve 20 % more engine output, 40 % more torque and 20 % less fuel consumption than Avant 750.

The speed of the model AVANT 750 is even 25 km/h. This speed enables to use 750 loader effectively also in property maintenance in the cities.

The speed of AVANT 745 is 15 km/h, which is enough while working in smaller areas or construction site.

Avant 700 series wheelbase is 30 inches longer compared to the 600 and 500 series. Also slightly larger wheel size calms driving and increases comfort, especially at higher speeds. Other options, accessories and different cabin levels increase comfort as well.

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