Loading ramps

Loading ramps

  • Mobile Loading ramps
  • Up to 20000 kg
  • 1960 mm inner width
  • Hydraulic foldable
  • Side barriers with 350 mm height
These loading ramps are ideal for loading and unloading from the ground up to a height of 1600 mm.


Saurus is a manufacturer of loading ramps and industrial loading and unloading systems. The emphasis is on the safety of labour and employees. Sauris has a production area of 1000m2 in Ankara, Turkey. And there they provide practical, durable and high-quality products.


These mobile loading ramps can be used for loading or unloading from zero to a height of 1000 - 1600 mm via forklifts and pallet trucks. Because the mobile tail lifts can be moved, their position can easily be adapted to any situation.