Platform Basket Spider 15.75


  • Compact dimensions
  • Spider Aerial Working Platform
  • Easy to transport

Platform Basket 15.75

This crawler platform can pass through a normal through or a narrow gate and is therefore suitable for use in places where other platforms cannot reach.


This Aerial working platform is equipped with an easily removable work tray. This Platform Basket Spin crawler boom lift offers a solution for fast and safe working without a ladder or scaffold.

The Platform Basket Spider 15.75 is a super compact spider on tracked undercarriage. This boom lift goes up to 15 meters high and has a lateral reach of up to 8.5 meters. The Platform Basket 15.75 is so compact that it even fits through a door opening. With the non-marking tracks and electric drive it is also possible to work indoors. The application possibilities are maximized by means of the spin tuning. Sankoo sells, rents and maintains the Platform Basket Spider 15.75.

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Technical specifications