Avant 220 is the most affordable articulated loader from Avant. Avant 200 series loaders maximum speed is 10 km / h.

Despite the small size and lightness, 200-series lifting capacity is noteworthy, about 50% of the loaders own weight. Avant 200 series loader suits perfectly to gardening and green building as well as to smaller construction projects. Due to its small size it also does not require a large storage space and is easy to transfer, for example, between home and cottage.

Small size and easy controllability of the Avant 200 series make this basic loader extremely versatile for many different purposes and location. The machine has enough kick, which ensures the most efficient year-round work. Suitable size and easy controllability of the machine are emphasized, especially when the machine has a number of not so experienced users. Working safety is a top-notch and the ROPS safety canopy is a standard with the loader. The maintenance items are easily available and the loader is easy to maintain.

Working with Avant 200 series is easy and carefree. Particular attention has been paid into the working comfort and the attachments have been designed to customers needs. Loader increases work efficiency and saves your time. Working with Avant is also time with your family, while having fun with a great team spirit as at the same time doing all work in the garden.

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  • Versatility
  • Safety
  • Cost saving
  • Small light articulated loader
  • Very economical

Technical specifications