In spite of the small size and lightness of the 400 series, lifting capacity of the loader is noteworthy, about 50% of the weight of the machine. Loaders turning radius is less than two meters, so practically the loader turns on a spot. Telescopic boom is an extra option for 400 series, with it the dimendions of the loader are very good and lifting height is 2,8 meters.

Avant 400 series small size and easy maneuverability make this machine extremely versatile basic machine for many different purposes and location when. The machine has enough kick, which ensures the most efficient year-round work. The machine suitable size and easy maneuverability are emphasized, especially when the machine has a number, not as tests, users. Avant 400 series power is sufficient for almost all of the Avant attachments. Working Safety is a top-notch, ROPS cab is the load time standard. The maintenance items are easily available and the machine is easy to maintain.

More articulated chargers / mini excavators


  • Versatility
  • Safety
  • Cost-saving
  • Light articulated loader
  • Excellent visibility

Technical specifications