In the development of all Avant machines the focus has been on excellent visibility. Driver has to see the whole machine; from the front, back and both sides. Same goes to machines equipped with safety canopy as with cabin.

Cabin which is build to the front frame of the machine has an very important role with visibility. It provides the best sight to the attachment and work.The best touch to the work is achieved when the driver is sitting as near to the attachment as possible.

Third important fact with visibility is Avants eccentric telescopic boom. Telescopic boom is located aside from the centralline of the machine and due to this the visibility to the front is very good in every position of the boom.

All Avant loaders have rigid articulation joint. This is the single most important factor in helping to achieve the excellent stability in all situations. In addition of articulation joint, center of gravity has been put as low as possible so that the stability of the loader increases.

There is a ROPS-accepted safety canopy and FOPS-accepted safety roof as a standard equipment in every 600-series loader.

A load sensor is fitted as standard to the AVANT 600 series and provides an audible warning if the rear wheels are about to lift off the ground. This pre emptive warning gives the operator more time to react in the event of the machine becoming unstable.

More articulated chargers / mini excavators


  • Versatility
  • Safety
  • Cost saving
  • Small light articulated loader
  • Very economical

Technical specifications