Mini crane

Sankoo has a wide range of mini cranes, from 4 to 32 metres lifting height! Sankoo's minicranes are designed to take heavy lifting out of your hands and increase efficiency

Mini Cranes

The market for mini cranes is growing, We notice that mini cranes are used for more diverse and complex tasks in a tight space.

How to choose which crane suits you best? Although all the mini cranes of Bg Lift are produced by the same company, they each have their own qualities. Each type of crane excels in its own area. Yet the different types of cranes also have the same things in common: their safety, compactness and flexibility. Sankoo is happy to advise you on which crane suits you best.

Sankoo is a premium dealer of the innovative brand Bg Lift. This progressive manufacturer from Northern Italy builds a wide range of compact cranes from 700 kg up to and including 20,500 kg and therefore bg lift is offering a solution for every situation. The Bg Lift mini cranes are equipped with absolute quality components such as Hawe valve blocks, Yanmar diesel engines and Scanreco remote controls. These compact cranes are available for sale as well as for rent.

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