Bg Lift CWE525 AT

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  • All functions under control
  • Swivel without limit
  • Always ready for work
  • Easy driving
  • Loading and transporting
  • Jib Over Line

Bg Lift CWE 525RT

The best possible combination of power and performance built into a compact machine with excellent performance


Stamping on a slope
The outriggers of the Bg Lift CWE 525RT are executed in a cross arrangement in combination with a tube frame, this gives the undercarriage an inflammatory torsional stiffness and the dimensions remain extremely compact. The outrigger cylinders are robust with a long stroke, allows the crane to be stamped on soft and uneven surfaces.

Lifting capacity
The use of special steels with a high yield strength, such as STRENX 1300, has made it possible to reduce the weight this in favor of performance, increased the lifting capacity especially at the end of the mast.

The bevelled frame allows the crane to be loaded onto a truck with short loading rails. This makes it easy to manoeuvre and it is quick to load.

Short distance performance
The Bg Lift CWE 525RT is built with a very low centre of gravity, this in combination with the intersectional arrangement of the outrigger makes it possible to carry heavy and bulky (machines etc.) loads in small spaces.

Load limitation
The integrated load limitation system allows stamping in countless positions, whereby the load limitation system automatically adapts to the positions of the stamps. This allows the work to be carried out with the highest possible safety. This in combination with a crane configuration that was not possible before.

Negative position Jib for difficult to reach places
The 2nd hydraulic movable and extendable arm and the hydraulic jib can respectively 15° and 20° by negative, this makes it possible to work under overhangs and in low spaces.

Technical specifications