Kappel Glass Piston

How to transport glass safely? Of course, you do this with a Sankoo glass vacuum cleaner.

Sankoo is the address for hiring aerial work platforms, glass lifts, glass suction dredgers and other materials that make construction work safer, faster and more efficient. We offer different types of glass suction dredgers.

Which glass vacuum cleaner do you choose?
Which glass cleaner best fits your job depends on various factors. The weight of the glass plates is important, as is their size. For larger glass sheets, it is wise to choose a glass vacuum cleaner with a slightly larger surface area and several suction cups.

Rental Price

Daily rate:

Weekly rate:
€ 60,-

€ 240,-

Prices are EXCL. VAT

Technische Daten

Kappel glaszuiger 1

Kappel glaszuiger 2

Kappel Glaszuiger 3