IMK 35500

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  • Maximum mobility
  • Rear wheel steering axle
  • Remote controlled

IMK 35500

The self-propelled IMK 35500 crane was developed and successfully launched on the market based on the HELIX 1205 self-propelled aerial platform.

IMK 35500 Mini Crane


The IMK 35500 can enter very narrow areas to perform various assembly and disassembly work. The IMK 35500 has a clearance width of 0.98 m and can rotate without any overhanging ballast. The maneuvering possibilities with a steering angle of 86 ° are also unique with this device! The maximum lateral reach is 4.30 m and a bend point height of approximately 7 m.

The IMK 35500 is also self-propelled in any arm position. To prevent accidents, the device is equipped with foot protection strips on the wheels. The crane is operated with a remote control with a camera-friendly display. The precise performance data can be found in the technical data.

The machines are manufactured in Germany, using high-quality components. Due to the possibility of different options, the device can be very well adapted to individual requirements.

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Technical specifications